Creating Confident....

Whether we are Change Agents, Leaders or Business Owners we could all do with an additional hit of CONFIDENCE & INFLUENCE to make the difference we want to!

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Are You Making The Difference YOU Want To Make? Do People Give YOU The Credit YOU Deserve?

Do You Have The Confidence & Influence That You Would Like To Have??? I Know How You Feel, I Have Been There, BUT Over The Last 15 Years I Have Found A System That Helps You Make An IMPACT By Increasing Your Confidence & Influence!


You level of comfort when you are faced with a particular situation or task affects your CONFIDENCE.


How much we know about a particular situation or task affects our CONFIDENCE.


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Who is Lee Houghton?

Going red when asked to respond, feeling that uncomfortable gut wrench when you know its your turn to speak next. 

I have felt it all, and at times I still do but I have developed a system that now helps me to overcome this and deliver more than I thought possible which I would LOVE to share with you!


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